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I am a growing human being interested in the planet, the animals, humans, and all forms living on, and with Mother Earth. For 14 1/2 years I have gained expert experience in the clerical field and am looking to gain knowledge in other aspects life has to offer. Change is welcome, as it helps me grow. At the moment wildlife and yoga are a primary focus of study for me. One of my goals is to educate myself so that I may help educate others about wildlife and the importance of it in our ecosystem. Another goal is to learn about holistic health and yoga so that I may help and teach others if the mind is healthy the body will follow. This is my first time as a free lance writer and I hope to help and enlighten as well as be helped and be enlightened by others in this ever changing society. Godspeed.

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    Sassy's Friday Night Out

    5 months ago

    The story is fiction, but Sassy is very real. Hit by a car and unable to be released due to California Fish and Wildlife regulations, Sassy is to spend the rest of her life at the rescue Facility.

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    The All Mighty Dollar or Barter and Trade. Which Lifestyle Would You Prefer?

    2 months ago

    Do you ever wonder why money is the system of trade for today instead of barter and trade? I believe there are many reasons money was designed. It's value changes everyday as do the designs on it.

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    The Evolution of Tarot.

    3 months ago

    Tarot are mysterious simply because they are used for divination and to play a game. The game itself has several variations of play depending on what part of Europe it is played in. I would like to see a game of tarot...

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    Cactus. The Edible, Medicinal, and Self Sustainable Plant.

    23 months ago

    How do you feel about cactus? If you don't know much about them, and want to, I hope you enjoy reading this. I hope it sparks your curiosity and you want to learn more. From a tool, to a medicine to food it sure sparked...

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    The Evolution of Recording and Playing Music.

    23 months ago

    From the ages of man before recording and reproduction devices were created, music was ever popular. Drums, bagpipes, flutes, mandolins, didgeridoo's, and any other ancient instruments created a sound, and in the 1800's...

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    Law Enforcement Using the Influence of Psychics to Help Solve Crime.

    10 months ago

    Psychic ability, law enforcement, and crime prevention/crime solving. Will there be a day when both law enforcement and psychic ability working together will be recognized by law?

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    Masks, Tradition and Commercialism

    3 years ago

    Commercialism can cause traditions to fade. Masks were, and still are for some, taken very seriously.They represent a coming of age of knowledge and symbolism. They are also used in entertainment to act out legends and...

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    Essential Oils That Help Reduce Cellulite.

    6 months ago

    Cellulite has been around since synthetic man made products for people to consume have been around. There are many ways to combat cellulite. This being one of the most natural ways is worth a try. Enjoy the results.

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    Menstrual Products: Not Just Pads and Tampons.

    2 months ago

    Using organic natural menstrual products helps the environment and women's health. Many of these products are reusable so you aren't constantly going to the store to buy disposable products. It helps the environment by...

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    The Beauty of Wolves

    6 months ago

    Wolves are a necessary, important part of our ecosystem and food chain balance. Becoming educated about wolves will in turn educate you and others about the rest of the planet and the food chain. The domino effects of...

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